Fresh starts

Friday was my pack-out day, the day when movers arrived at my apartment to pack everything up. I had been sorting for the past few weeks to differentiate between air freight (which should arrive to my new apartment sometime…) and storage (which goes to Maryland until I leave for whatever country). So much can fit into a 600 foot apartment! It took them a little over 4 hours to pack and inventory everything. Then I stayed in a nice hotel with my parents and enjoyed my last meal.

Saturday was my move-to-D.C. day. A friend took me to the airport and off I went. A very short taxi took me to my new abode. IMG_7979[1]

Tomorrow begins my first day of A-100 Orientation. I’m excited and nervous, of course. Let’s hope I can find my way to where I need to be!!

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1 Response to Fresh starts

  1. Anna says:

    I’m so excited for you! This has happened so fast. Looking forward to hearing about your classes at Hogwarts 🙂


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