Of visas and summer

Yesterday I finished ConGen, the class that taught me all about visas, nationality, and American Citizen services. I absolutely loved most of it, and the parts that I did not love were not horrible. Much better than math, that’s for sure. Graduation took place yesterday afternoon, complete with awards and colorful costumes. I achieved “Valedictorian” status, which meant I aced all my exams with 100%. We’ll see how this all plays out in real life when I go to my first post. The class is well organized and makes somewhat dry materials more fun using roll plays and activities.

I also realized it was the last time I’d be in the same class as some of my A-100 folks. A lot of them will be heading off to post, or just on to other trainings.

However, next week I’m on to bigger things. I leave tomorrow for a week filled with…well, I’m not completely certain. Crash bang, more formally known as “Foreign Affairs Counter Threat course,”  is an event that people either dread or eagerly await like Christmas. I’m the latter category. For more info on course content, go here. A few of my A-100 folks have already done their week, and seemed to enjoy, or at least survive, the rigors of counter-threatism.

In my mind, what I imagine it is going to be like (not based in actual reality)

I’m going with a few of my ConGen classmates, so at least there will be some familiar faces. It will be nice to get out of the city and do some cool things.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to observe the newest A-100’s Flag Day. Attending somebody else’s big day and observing the excitement from a safe distance was a lot of fun. Many of us were there to see who would be assigned to the same cities. We picked up one more person for Bangladesh, so that’s exciting.

It has been extremely hot here in DC and I am less motivated to go outside. However, a couple of weekends ago I was able to go tubing down a river, and last weekend I went to a water park. There is a lot to do around the area, but on Saturdays I am more apt to lie around in my pjs and relax. Training takes its toll, and I savor the quiet of weekends more than ever. I have become very aware of my introversion, and being around people all day takes its toll. I hope that I can gain some stamina before I get to post! Next weekend will be eventful, as I have a couple of friends coming to visit. Hopefully the weather will oblige and not be a swampy hot mess.

Stay tuned next week for my “How I survived Crash Bang” blog post!

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2 Responses to Of visas and summer

  1. Crash Bang sounds like it will be awesome! I also met an FSO who like you, was actually really pumped for the whole class. Hoping to meet you soon at FSI! Thanks for keeping us updated.


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