Last Thanksgiving in the U.S. (for awhile)

Nothing too much to report this time around, but I wanted to check in. It’s hard to believe that December is starting to roll around. Time is flying. I have 4 months until my final language assessment, and a week after that I’ll be off to Dhaka. Soon I will start figuring out travel arrangements and all that moving my life literally across the world entails. It has been awhile since A-100, so hopefully I can figure out how to do everything to make this happen. At least I have company.


I had my first progress assessment for Bangla. I was told I was on track, which is a huge relief. I think that puts me at a 1/1 level right now. I still struggle to express myself, but it’s getting incrementally easier each day. I really enjoy my classmates and my instructors, and feel so very lucky to have been placed in this section.

Friday was probably the most difficult day to get up and put clothes on and go to school. Five hours of language class a day isn’t a joke, and the day after Thanksgiving was not my most favorite. Thanksgiving Day itself was pretty good. I couldn’t go to visit my family, so I went to a friends house instead. The spread was substantial and had all the fixings I needed to successfully complete the Thanksgiving mission of stuffing myself.


A friend pointed out that this might be the last time I celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S…While it might not be the last, it’s the last one for quite some time. Next year I’ll either be in Dhaka, or maybe a weekend trip to another country like Thailand or Nepal. I can’t wait, though it’s always sad to miss U.S. holidays when you’re abroad. I won’t miss Black Friday craziness though. Stay tuned!


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