The ball is rolling

This past week was a doozy. I got my diplomatic passport, applied for my Bangladeshi visa, and started my immunizations.


Validation! Woot!

Getting my diplomatic passport was a definite high point! Unfortunately I had to give it away again to apply for my visa….It’s just so pretty.

Today I took a class on diplomatic protocol. It was really helpful, especially the dining/cutlery aspects. Hopefully I won’t make any major faux pas at representative occasions. However, going in for a full-day training after a week full of Bangla was a little tiring. Tonight I am headed to a Bengali festival somewhere in Arlington, VA. I really hope I’ll be able to practice my Bangla!

Next week is going to busy as well. I have to take diplocat to the vet and see about booking tickets. Days are going so fast now and in 2 months I’ll be on a flight to Dhaka!



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