The downward slope

My year anniversary in Bangladesh was spent in Bangkok, Thailand. Now I am nearly at 14 months and it feels like time is flying. Work is incredibly busy, now that I have a new portfolio (American Citizen Services), every day is like a little mini whirlwind. I help process passport applications, serve as a notary public, and interview American Citizens to see if their children born abroad can qualify for US Citizenship. In addition to these daily duties, I also help assist with Americans in need – if they get arrested, are sick, or need help locating somebody, I help connect people to resources. And in addition to these other varying duties, I also help plan for larger crises – natural disasters, terrorism, etc. I will be in this portfolio for 6 months, and am on-call 24/7. It’s never a dull moment! Americans get themselves into some really interesting situations abroad…

Since I last wrote, I travelled to Thailand to see some A-100 buddies (and walk outside!) and just came back from a weekend in Myanmar/Burma. Yangon/Rangoon was actually nicer than I thought it would be – clean streets, people who follow traffic laws, and pretty quiet. The Shwedagon Pagoda was stunning. pagonda

We went at sunset and watched the colors of the pagoda change, and the night lights made everything glitter. Walking barefoot around the crowd, semi-unnoticed (as opposed to being stared at constantly in Dhaka), was just magical.

Unfortunately, the next day, as we were on the fun train that circles the city, I had to jump off to throw up on the side of the railway. Apparently a buffet I had gone to in Dhaka a couple of days before had some bad food, and I was overcome with food poisoning. The next 20 hours of my life were spent in bed, miserable. While I do not regret the trip, it would have been more enjoyable if 2/3s of it hadn’t been spent sick!

I have a lot of good trips coming up, so stay tuned.

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